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This is a work in process. The family of Phillip Jacob Altstaetter through 1995 has been entered. Please send me the additions since 1995 and any corrections you may have.  I have a Boogher book that covers most of the brothers and sisters of Phillip Jacob and their families to 1984.  Most of the other pages are as complete as I have.  Please help me fill in those if possible.

Sometime in the summer of 2001 there will be a CD available with full size pictures of the thumbs you can see here.  The pictures will be at least 300 dot scans, some are very large files.  Contact me if interested.  Price will probably be about 15.00 with shipping included.

Daniel J Altstaetter,      6th generation descendent of Johann Leonhard Altstätter
Thanks to:
Rick Allstetter               7th generation descendent of Johann Leonhard Altstätter

When submitting information, please give me the names of parents or grandparents so I can properly link to those pages.

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